Marlins not likely to trade by deadline

ATLANTA — In two days, the MLB non-waiver trade deadline will arrive. When it passes, the Marlins are not expected to have made any significant moves.

For a while, the team has been leaning towards keeping its core players, including closer Leo Nunez and lefty reliever Randy Choate.

Even National League rivals are not anticipating the Marlins being active at the trade deadline. In fact, one general manager specifically said so.

Doug Melvin, the Brewers executive vice president and general manager, told reporters in Milwaukee the Marlins are not looking to deal. The Brewers inquired about Choate, who is under contract through 2012. Florida has no intention to deal Choate at this point.

“If a club has somebody to replace the guy, he’s available,” Melvin said. “But if you’re going to trade a guy, you have to have somebody to replace him. If you have a young kid in the waiting, that’s one thing. But, if you don’t have anyone to replace him, it’s hard to give up a guy.

“Florida, for example … they’re not anticipating moving anybody.”

Joe Frisaro

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…if only the Fish could make some trades with their own disabled list…

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