LoMo was big fan of Macho Man

MIAMI — News of Randy Savage’s death hit home with Logan Morrison.

The Marlins left fielder grew up a professional wrestling fan, and during those years he was watching regularly, “Macho Man” was his favorite.

Savage died at age 58 on Friday.

“I was a big wrestling fan, and he was my favorite wrestler,” Morrison said. “I was a big fan for like two years. When I was, he was my favorite dude.”

When Savage was advertising for Slim Jim’s, Morrison would rush out and buy the product.

“I’d try to imitate him, ‘Snap into a Slim Jim,’ ” Morrison said, doing his Macho Man impersonation. “Then you’d do it so much, your throat would get hoarse.”

Morrison paid tribute to Savage on his Twitter account.

“He was my guy,” Morrison said.

Joe Frisaro

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