Getting Vazquez’s velocity back

PHILADELPHIA — Before Saturday, Javier Vazquez is expected to throw two side sessions, as he works on fixing a glitch in his delivery.

Vazquez struggled through five innings on Friday in a no decision against the Phillies. While his velocity was in the 84-88 mph range, he was able to keep the team in the game. But it was clear that he didn’t have much life on his fastball.

The Marlins rallied to win 4-3 on Friday, and they were rained out on Saturday.

Because of the postponement, the Marlins tinkered with their rotation a bit. Instead of throwing Vazquez on Thursday against Pittsburgh, he will start on Saturday against the Rockies at Sun Life Stadium.

The Marlins pushed Vazquez back a couple of days to work on his mechanics. Basically, they are trying to get him to do what he was doing in Spring Training.

Pitching coach Randy St. Claire said on Sunday that Vazquez isn’t utilizing his lower body enough.

“He hasn’t been using his lower half,” St. Claire said. “He was pitching 87-91 mph in Spring Training. The other night it was 84 a bunch. I did see a couple of 88.”

Basically, the team is trying to get Vazquez to drive with his legs more.

“He’s not really stiff,” St. Claire said. “He’s just not using his lower half. It’s kind of like he was watching the ball. When you look at it on video, you can really see it easily. We hope to have a couple of sides to work on it.”

Joe Frisaro

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