Dunn enjoyed successful debut

MIAMI — One of the key moments in Friday’s win came in the seventh inning after Josh Johnson exited after 6 2/3 innings. The Mets had scored twice and were threatening when lefty Mike Dunn entered the game.

But Dunn, who throws 95 mph, struck out Scott Hairston to end the inning.

It was Dunn’s first appearance as a Marlin, and it showed how he likely will be used.

Dunn got the nod over lefty specialist Randy Choate, even though the Mets were scheduled to have lefty-batter, Josh Thole, up. Because the Marlins anticipated Hairston would pinch-hit for Thole, Dunn was brought into the game.

Choate likely will be called upon to face established lefties like Brian McCann, Jason Heyward and Ryan Howard. Left-handed batters who won’t be replaced.

“Basically I got that Marlins debut out of the way,” Dunn said. “It felt really good.”

Helping preserve the win for Johnson also was important.

“JJ pitched great,” Dunn said. “You don’t want anyone’s runs to score, especially when your pitcher is throwing that well. You really want to lock down and focus.”

Joe Frisaro

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