Can chemistry lead to championships?

MIAMI — How important is team chemistry?

Some argue that winning creates chemistry, and that talent ultimately prevails. Others contend that teams have a better chance of winning if there is harmony in the clubhouse.

Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez says, “championships are won in the clubhouse.”

As a organization, the Marlins strive to create a comfortable working environment, because they feel that if players get along with each other they have a better chance to succeed on the field.

The Marlins have one of the youngest teams in the league, and many of their core players grew up together in the Minor League system. Rodriguez managed a number of the current squad before they reached the big leagues, including Chris Coghlan, Logan Morrison, Mike Stanton and Gaby Sanchez.

“[Chemistry] is very important,” Rodriguez said. “You spend more time seeing each others facing over the next six months than you see your family. So it’s very important that you feel comfortable. It’s very important that you feel you need to get to the ballpark early, and do your work.”

Even though players like Coghlan, Morrison and Stanton are young, they each have shown tremendous maturity.

“When you are talking about guys 25 and under, you don’t always see that,” Rodriguez said. “But they are very accountable for their actions. That’s how you win championships. No excuses. They show up feeling like they have to prove themselves that they belong here.”

When an entire roster has that mindset, the Marlins feel, that’s a formula for a successful season.

Joe Frisaro

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