Coghlan in CF vs Nationals

VIERA, Fla. — Chris Coghlan is once again in center field on Sunday as he continues to fine tune for the season opener.

Back from a strained right shoulder, Coghlan expects to see substantial playing time in the final days before the Malins open against the Mets on Friday at Sun Life Stadium.

On Sunday, Florida is facing the Nationals at Space Coast Stadium.

Adalberto Mendez is getting the start against lefty Ross Detwiler.


Coghlan, CF

Bonifacio, 2B

Dobbs, LF

Helms, 1B

Murphy, 3B

Cousins, RF

Davis, C

Martinez, SS

Mendez, P


Desmond, SS

Werth, RF

Zimmerman, 3B

Ankiel, CF

Morse, LF

Ramos, C

Espinosa, 2B

Cora, 1B

Detwiler, P

Joe Frisaro



1 Comment

Coghlan is going to do a great job this Season at center if he stay’s healthy!! also i like how Infante is playing this spring training…if Mike Dunn and Infante play good then The Uggla Trade will have been a good 1!!! Mike Stanton is going to hit 30+ and about 90+ RBI with 300+ Average.

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