Edwin and Fredi reunite

Last June, Edwin Rodriguez was placed in the difficult position of replacing Fredi Gonzalez as manager of the Marlins.

Even after the decision was made, Rodriguez and Gonzalez have maintained a close friendship.

On Monday morning, before the Marlins faced the Braves at Roger Dean Stadium, Rodriguez shed some light on how the transition period went.

“I think it was the first three or four mornings, he was calling me every day,” Rodriguez said. “Obviously, he was trying to help me out about the whole situation. He did call me for those three or four first days.

“It was mainly about how to use the bullpen and the lineup, and all that. He was more asking me, if I needed any help. He wasn’t trying to tell me anything. He was asking me if I had any problems with anything. It was very nice of him. He understood what this situation was that I was coming into.”

Gonzalez, now the Braves manager, and Rodriguez more recently kept in touch during the NFL playoffs, courtesy of a Spanish-language radio show in Miami.

For a few weeks, the two managers made NFL playoff picks on Jerry Del Castillo’s show on AM 670.

Rodriguez, who doesn’t watch much of the NFL, agreed to go on with the current Braves manager.

It was all in good fun, and Rodriguez played along that he was an NFL expert, even though he didn’t follow the season. In fact, Rodriguez said he didn’t watch the Super Bowl.

But he agreed to do the radio show because he didn’t want to appear like he was ducking the challenge of picking the games.

Joe Frisaro

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