Wagner assesses Marlins

Will 2010 go down as a season of missed opportunities for the Marlins?

The team still has a chance to finish above .500, but there is a school of thought that if the club had upgraded in a couple of areas — mainly their bullpen — they could have seriously challenged for the NL East title.

Braves closer Billy Wagner certainly feels the Marlins are a quality team. Recently, Wagner offered this assessment of the Marlins to MLB.com Braves’ reporter Mark Bowman.

“The Marlins are no fun to play,” Wagner said. “They’re probably the best talent and if they’d have had a bullpen, they’d have won this division.

“They’ve always been like that. Every time they’ve put a closer in their bullpen, they’ve won championships. Then they go through three or four years where they have unbelievable talent and starting pitching, but they don’t have a bullpen.”

— Joe Frisaro



I think what Billy is trying to say is…sign me! Seriously though anyone thats a fan of the Marlins knows this to be the complete truth. Nothing is more crushing than watching Josh Johnson pitch a gem just to sit on the pine and watch an inconsistent bullpen blow it for him. Coaching then leaves starting pitching in too long to make up for it hurting not only the end of that start but maybe the next start as well. Consistency has always been Floridas weak point even with hitting as despite all the talent they can range from putting up 15 runs a day to struggling with men in scoring position and managing 2 the next. They have the right people there, just possibly need a better bullpen scout to bring in the right guys there. Just dont give up too much for them aka Urbina for Gonzalez🙂

Btw Joe… you looking for a co-writer, just kidding….well not really

i wish to god thats what billy was saying but he said he was going to retire this year end of story on that one. and its also easy to see now 7 years later that urbina for gonzalez was a hard trade but urbina helped us win a world series, most of the time those trades end up a trivia question or mostly just another prospect that didnt pan out. padres lucked out but we got the ring that year. got give something up to get something good in return. looking back i doubt the marlins would do it differently.

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