Morrison back in lineup

Considering himself “really lucky,” Logan Morrison was back in the Marlins lineup on Monday in Game 1 of a doubleheader with the Phillies at Citizens Bank.

lomo12.jpgMorrison received a scare and a big bruise under his left eye after being hit in the face by a foul ball off the bat of Emilio Bonifacio in the 10th inning on Sunday.

While standing on deck, Morrison was timing the pitches and simulating a swing when he was struck by the foul ball. Bonifacio ended up hitting a triple, and scoring on Scott Cousins’ pinch-hit walk-off single to beat the Braves, 7-6.

Cousins batted for Morrison, who was tested. An X-ray came back negative, and Morrison passed the vision tests. He also didn’t show any symptoms for a concussion, so he was cleared to play.

“I got really lucky, for sure,” said Morrison on Monday, sporting a big bruise under his left eye. “It looks a lot worse [than it feels].”

Why would the rookie left fielder risk playing now?

“These are important games. I want to be out there if I can,” he said. “I didn’t have any symptoms [for a concussion]. No dizziness. No ringing in the ears. So I was really, really lucky. I probably won’t be standing out there any more.”

Lineup for Monday, Game 1: Emilio Bonifacio (CF), Logan Morrison (LF), Hanley Ramirez (SS), Dan Uggla (2B), Gaby Sanchez (1B), Chad Tracy (3B), Mike Stanton (RF), Brad Davis (C), Adalberto Mendez (P).

— Joe Frisaro

(photo courtesy of Logan Morrison)




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