Is the bad blood now over?

Now that the dust has settled, has the matter really been resolved?

The Marlins certainly hope so.

Tempers flared and fists were flying in the Marlins’ 16-10 win over the Nationals on Wednesday night at Sun Life Stadium.

Benches cleared after Nyjer Morgan charged pitcher Chris Volstad in the sixth inning. On the night, there were six ejections. MLB is expected to issue harsh suspensions and fines.

To Marlins veteran Wes Helms, what took place on Wednesday should put an end to the bad blood.

“I know it’s over for me,” Helms said. “I hope it is for these other guys.”

We’ll find out soon. The Marlins face the Nationals Sept. 10-12 at Nationals Park.

“[Wednesday night] was something we had to do,” Helms said. “But we need to be professionals and just play the rest of the season. Unless something else happens there that starts it, then we’re going to go there and just play baseball.”

Chad Tracy was one of the first players in the pile at the mound.

“You’re trying to protect your pitcher from getting hurt, because after about the first 10 seconds, it’s just bodies on top of each other anyway,” Tracy said. “You’re trying to keep yourself from getting hurt. But at the same time you’re trying to protect your pitcher. If you go in throwing blows, you’re asking for a suspension. We can’t really lose any more players right now.”

Asked if the tensions between the teams are now resolved, Tracy noted: “It should be, yeah.”

— Joe Frisaro


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