Marlins-Nationals lineups

Strasburg vs. Nolasco.

It’s one of the best pitching matchups of the season, and it gets underway in the first game of the second half for the Marlins.

Ricky Nolasco has won four straight for the Marlins, who draw the Nationals on Friday night. Rookie sensation Stephen Strasburg, with his 100 mph fastball, takes the mound for Washington.

The lone lineup change the Marlins are making is swapping Dan Uggla with Jorge Cantu. Uggla will bat fourth, with Cantu sliding to fifth.







1) Nyjer Morgan, CF

2) Cristian Guzman, 2B

3) Ryan Zimmerman, 3B

4) Adam Dunn, 1B

5) Josh Willingham, LF

6) Ivan Rodriguez, C

7) Roger Bernadina, RF

8) Ian Desmond, SS

9) Stephen Strasburg, P







1) Chris Coghlan, LF

2) Gaby Sanchez, 1B

3) Hanley Ramirez, SS

4) Dan Uggla, 2B

5) Jorge Cantu, 3B

6) Cody Ross, CF

7) Mike Stanton, RF

8) Ronny Paulino, C

9) Ricky Nolasco, P

— Joe Frisaro


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