Home plate part of history

Home plate didn’t get much use in the Marlins-Phillies three-game series at Sun Life Stadium. In three games, just seven total runs were scored.

Still, the plate will forever be part of baseball history.

homeplate.jpgOn Saturday night, Roy Halladay tossed the 20th perfect game in MLB history. Immediately following the Phillies, 1-0, victory, home plate and the pitching rubber were authenticated. The rubber was dislodged on Friday night, with grounds crew workers digging it up as the Super Saturday’s Concert act was performing.

Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria had the rubber presented to Halladay, who struck out 11 on a night for the ages.

After the Marlins rebounded and won on Sunday — ironically, 1-0 — the grounds crew was back at work. For several hours after the final out, they dug up home place, which now will be part of Marlins history.

The Marlins are opening their new retractable-roof ballpark in 2012, and the team will recognize its history in the building. The home plate used in Halladay’s perfect game will eventually be displayed once the new ballpark opens.

— Joe Frisaro


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