Owner says Hanley matter resolved

Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is a believer in clubhouse harmony.

In recent days, the organization has been engulfed in controversy in light of Hanley Ramirez being disciplined for not hustling.

From a team perspective the issue was put to rest on Wednesday when Ramirez apologized to his teammates.

On Friday, Loria addressed the situation with the Marlins beat reporters. Loria has been observing the situation, and he says the clubhouse once again is strong.

“Whenever you’re going along a road, and there is a bump in the road, it’s a slight jar,” Loria said. “This is not a major episode in any sense of the word. It’s something that happens over the course of a season.

“We have great guys on this team. All 25 are great guys. If you had a family of 25 brothers and sisters, things would happen along the way.”

The Marlins are set to face the White Sox in Interleague play on Friday night. Ramirez is once again batting third.

Loria says the team is together, working towards getting better on the field.

“This was not major surgery,” Loria said. “This was not brain surgery. This was a scratch.

“It was an internal family matter. It’s not the end of the world. We’ve moved on. Everybody has moved on. I moved on [Wednesday], from even asking about it.”

— Joe Frisaro


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