Maybin shaken up on collision

Before impact, Cameron Maybin didn’t see Gaby Sanchez.

“I just felt him,” Maybin said late Saturday night.

The two Marlins collided at first base in the first inning of Game 1 of the doubleheader against the Rockies at Coors Field.

Maybin took the worse of the impact. Hintered by dizziness and blurred vision, he was lifted in the ninth inning of the Marlins, 4-1, Game 1 win. And he sat out of Game 2, won by Colorado, 8-1.

The collision came in the first inning after Maybin bunted for a single. The next play caused confusion at first base, on what turned out being a double play.

On the play, Sanchez hit a soft liner that shortstop Troy Tulowitzki caught just before it hit the ground. Seeing the ball was in Tulowitzki’s glove, Maybin raced back to first. Still acting as if the ball might have clipped the ground, Tulowitzki flipped to second baseman Clint Barmes, who threw to first.

While standing on the base, Maybin was plowed into by Sanchez, who was charging down the line. The two players collided heads. Once Maybin was off the bag, Todd Helton tagged him, completing the double play.

“As soon as I saw him move back, I thought he was going to try to let it drop, and turn the double play out of it,” Sanchez said. “I put my head down and started running.”

As the game progressed, Maybin’s headache became worse. He had some tests taken, and he didn’t have a concussion.

“My equilibrium went after that,” Maybin said. “My eyes were like fluttering the whole game.”

Maybin said he got hit “square in the face” by Sanchez’s helmet.

“I felt all plastic,” Maybin said. “I looked up, and I saw head down and all plastic.”

At one point, he told left fielder Brett Carroll to reach as many balls as he could because he wasn’t sure if he could make the plays.

“My eyes went a little blurry,” Maybin said. “As the game went on, my headache got worse.”

Maybin was unavailable for Game 2. He said he began feeling better, and he is hopeful to play on Sunday.

— Joe Frisaro


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