Lamb learning from Helms

Peer pressure has no age limit.

Yes, the presence of veteran Wes Helms is important in the development of the younger Marlins players. His work ethic also isn’t lost on Mike Lamb, a 33-year-old with nine seasons in the big leagues.

mikelamb3.jpg“He’s a great example to the younger kids, guys coming up, who think they know it all. Not anyone here, in particular,” Lamb said of Helms. “He’s definitely a good example of having a work ethic and being prepared to do the job.

“Peer pressure, it affects everybody, and not just teenagers doing stupid stuff. When you have a guy like that, it rubs off on people. It rubs off on me, and hopefully on the younger guys.”

Helms and Lamb are the two most seasoned Marlins off the bench. The two are the primary pinch-hit options, with Lamb batting from the left side and Helms from the right.

Lamb is in his first season with the Marlins, while Helms is an established presence, who has taken players like Chris Coghlan and Brett Carroll under his wing.

What stands out, to Lamb, is how Helms prepares.

“Success or failure is not really up to the individual. It’s an occurance, really,” Lamb said. “The thing about it is if you are not preparing yourself to be in that moment, that’s where the failure lies. If you’re a guy with talent, and toughness and you play three years instead of 15 becaus, it might be because you cheated yourself in the preparation aspect of it.”

Helms is the type of player who won’t let younger guys slack off.

“He’s a good example for the rookies coming up to not take this opportunity for granted,” Lamb said. “To not let it slip away. To take advantage of it. To prepare yourself like a professional, rather than taking things for granted. If not, the next thing you know, you’re 26 and you’re out of the game. His success is a testament to his preparation.”

— Joe Frisaro


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