New scoreboard unveiled

Gone one day. Back the next.

Well, not back exactly. Still, the out of town scoreboard has returned to a more visible place at Sun Life Stadium.

On Sunday, the park unveiled a new location for the A.L. and N.L. scoreboard. It now is positioned above the left field wall, and it’s part of the Dolphins’ Ring Of Honor. Scores from around the league now are stationed between the names Joe Robbie and Don Shula.

In recent days, much has been made over the scoreboard being removed from the left field wall — or Teal Monster. The 26 1/2 foot wall used to have the the scores right in them. A decision was made this year to remove the board because of upkeep. The stadium is responsible for the scoreboard maintenance, and light bulbs repeatedly burned out.



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The Marlins had one of the greatest scoreboards in the Leagues when they started at Joe Robbie: one of a handful of completely manual full-display scoreboards. It gave character and style to a new young ball-club, just as the Sox have the Blue Monster, we had the Blue Board. Sadly, it was removed after two seasons, for reasons never made plain to those of us who loved it.

Every year the Marlins have lost more and more of the things which made ball games a fun and family-friendly outing; from old Motown and pop music between innings and personalized organ intros for each player, we have descended to ‘booty-bumping bass’. From t-shirts & balls thrown to the stands & family-style games of chance, we have descended to near-naked “cheerleaders” shaking their behinds and grossly-overweight old men doing the same.

I hope Marlins management remember this when they move to the new park, raise all the prices and make us drive twice as far to see a game.

Some of us miss REAL baseball – where we could take our friends and families, including young children, and that’s why we don’t come to games any more.

My .02 as a former season ticket-holder [1993-1995]

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