Condor taking off in camp

A little advice for prospects in their first big league camp — be careful what you wish for.

If you’re not, you might find a picture of yourself with your face photo-shopped on top of a large vulture.

condor1a.jpgProspect Bryan Petersen inadvertently coined his own nickname, and veteran Wes Helms has made sure it sticks.

Petersen recently stated he wanted a cool, bird-like nickname, and the outfielder tossed out the named, “Condor.”

Now, the name plate above Petersen’s locker reads, “Condor.”

Ok, it doesn’t roll off the tongue like Roy “Doc” Halladay, or the “Sultan of Swat,” or Hanley Ramirez’s “H2R” moniker, but it works in the Marlins clubhouse.

The nickname evolved earlier in camp when Petersen saw Andre Dawson walk through the clubhouse. Because Dawson is commonly called “Hawk,” Petersen basically made a throw-away comment that he wished he had a cool nickname like Hawk.

The exchange between Petersen and Helms went something like this:

Petersen: “I wish I had a cool one syllable nickname like Condor.”

Helms replied: “First of all, Condor is two syllables, and second, that’s your nickname.”

Called “Uncle Wes” by his teammates, Helms is taking Petersen under his wing. So much so that Helms insisted on Petersen’s locker be moved next to his, so he can keep close tabs on the young outfielder.

The nickname Petersen commonly goes by is “Petey.” But “Condor” is catching on.

— Joe Frisaro

(photo courtesy of Wes Helms)




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