Lowell returning? Maybe not

Mention the name Mike Lowell, and there automatically is intrigue.

Raised in Miami, and one of the most popular Marlins ever, Lowell’s name has been floated in trade talks for months. To some degree, the Marlins have interest. The team had a scout on hand to watch Lowell recently, as he is recovering from injury with the Red Sox.

mike-lowell-on-rt.jpgThe question is how much interest do the Marlins have.

There are strong indications, the level isn’t that strong at this point. From what the 36-year-old third baseman has shown is he is a ways from physically being his old self.

The Marlins are in no rush to part with a prospect or more to bring Lowell back. In fact, there may not be a fit, even though he is getting some work at first base.

Gaby Sanchez appears to be the front runner to being the Marlins first baseman. But it is too early to count out Logan Morrison.

Lowell would provide leadership. Bringing him back would be popular. For now, based on what the veteran has shown, the team would need to see more before making a trade happen.

The Marlins are in the process of figuring out their infield, and reserves. In the mix are Rule 5 pick Jorge Jimenez, who may wind up playing third if he makes the club. Jimenez’s strong arm and solid fielding have stood out.

So if Sanchez or Morrison aren’t at first, Cantu may wind up there.

There also are strong indications that Brian Barden will make the club as a utility infielder. Emilio Bonifacio also is expected to make the team.

— Joe Frisaro


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