All Marlins now under contract

All contractual matters for the Marlins have been resolved.

On Tuesday, the team announced four players have agreed to 2010 contracts — John Baker, Chris Leroux, Chris Coghlan and Cameron Maybin. Also, the contracts for Andrew Miller and Brett Carroll were renewed, meaning they accepted the terms the club presented.

Players who are under club control can either negotiate a deal, or renew at the price the team offers. For the most part, these recent signings are a formality. Many of these players signed either at the league minimum of $400,000, or close to it.

The latest wave means the club can go about the business of baseball, rather than deal with player contract issues. All players in camp now have deals for 2010. has gathered a list of what many of the players in camp will earn, if they make the team. The list does not include everyone, and it will be updated as more information filters in. But these figures were gathered by, or they were published by other media — like, the Miami Herald, South Florida Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post.

Here’s a look at some of the 2010 Marlins salaries, plus bonuses:

* Dan Uggla: $7.8 million
* Hanley Ramirez: $7 million. Bonuses: $50,000 (All-Star), $500,000 (MVP), $1 million (WS MVP), $250,000 (LCS MVP)
* Ricky Nolasco: $3.8 million
* Josh Johnson: $3.75 million. Bonuses: $50,000 (All-Star), $500,000 (Cy Young), $1 million (WS MVP), $250,000 (LCS MVP)
* Jorge Cantu: $6 million. Bonuses: $50,000 (650 plate appearances)
* Cody Ross: $4.45 million
* Leo Nunez: $2 million
* Anibal Sanchez: $1.25 million. Bonuses: Up to $100,000
* Ronny Paulino: $1.1 million
* Renyel Pinto: $1.075 million
* Wes Helms: $950,000 
* Seth McClung: (Minor League deal) $600,000 if he makes team. Bonuses: Up to $50,000
* Mike MacDougal: (Minor League deal) $700,000 if he makes team. Bonuses: Up to $75,000
* Derrick Turnbow: (Minor League deal) $600,000 if he makes team. Bonuses: Up to $50,000
* Chris Coghlan: $450,000
* Taylor Tankersley: $425,000. Bonuses: Up to $75,000
* Clay Hensley: (Minor League deal) $425,000 if he makes club
* Chris Volstad: $420,000
* John Baker: $415,000
* Brian Barden: (Minor League deal) $415,000 if he makes club
* Danny Richar: (Minor League deal) $410,000 if he makes club
* Cameron Maybin: $405,000
* Brett Carroll: $403,000
* Tim Wood: $402,000
* Chris Leroux: $401,000
* Ryan Tucker: $400,000
* Jai Miller: $400,000

— Joe Frisaro






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