Marlins out of options

Who is out of options factors into finalizing every big league roster.

A year ago, because shortstop Robert Andino was out of options, he became a primary trade target because he was blocked by All-Star Hanley Ramirez. So late in Spring Training 2009, Andino was dealt to the Orioles for right-hander Hayden Penn, who also was without options.

The Marlins currently have seven players who are out of options, which means they have to be on the 25-man roster, or the club risks losing them.

When a player has options, he can be sent up and down to the Minor Leagues all season.

Here are the seven Marlins without options for 2010: Penn, Dan Meyer, Renyel Pinto, Brian Sanches, Wes Helms, Cody Ross and Leo Nunez.

Rule 5 addition Jorge Jimenez also must make the 25-man roster, or he will have to be offered back to Boston.

— Joe Frisaro



I am pretty sure that Vanden Hurk is out of options as well.

The team supplied this list. VandenHurk has an option.

You could argue it’s a good problem to have with regards to the farm being productive. OR, you could say the implications it has on the 25 man roster puts them in a bit of a pinch. Either way I’m sure L.Beinfest will get it sorted out. If the Marlins can get into the new park and still have Larry Beinfest calling the shots, the Marlins will be major contenders for years. I believe that. It’s the fan base which concerns me. They’re pretty ambivalent about their Fish. I’m there a lot. That’s my read.

Hmmm I swore he was out. Each time he was sent down in 07,08 and last year was more than 20 days and he’s been playing professionally for more than 5 years. Could you try and find out how he has one left? I am very curious.

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