Marlins scouting Chapman

On a rare occasion will the Marlins find themselves bidding along with teams like the payroll-rich Red Sox.

So that tells you something about how rare a prospect Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman is.

The hard-throwing left-hander, who pitched for Cuba in the World Baseball Classic, will throw for big league scouts in Houston. A representative from the Marlins is on hand, as are officials from numerous other teams.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that Dan Jennings, the Marlins vice president of player personnel, is in Houston to watch Chapman. confirmed Florida has more than a passing interest. The team will evaluate him, and then look to see if signing Chapman is a possibility.

With a large Cuban population in South Florida, Chapman would naturally have wide appeal in the Miami area. His price tag, however, won’t be cheap. The Red Sox reportedly made a $15.5 million offer, which is regarded as the low-bar figure.

The 6-foot-4, 180-pound Chapman has had his fastball clocked at 102 mph. No matter which team he signs with, chances are he will open in Double-A before being promoted to the big leagues.

— Joe Frisaro



The big question is………If the Marlins can offer 13 million dollars for this guy and DON’T sign him will they use the money to sign someone else.

I’m with you fireaxe, is this why they haven’t agreed to something with JJ? I kind of get this, but we have some stars in the team now we don’t want to see go.

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