Inquires into Uggla

Due for a hefty pay raise, it was expected that the Marlins would measure interest for two-time All-Star Dan Uggla.

On Wednesday, a few possibilities emerged.

According to, the Giants and Orioles have expressed interest in Uggla. The Red Sox reportedly also may be an option.

The Giants, the report said, may consider Uggla as an option to play third base. The thinking is Pablo Sandoval would swift from third to first base. Uggla has exclusively played second base in the big leagues, although he had some work at third base in the Minor Leagues in 2005.

If Uggla, who will see his salary raise from $5.35 million to around $7 million, is dealt, the Marlins may be more inclined to keep Jorge Cantu, according to the

The Red Sox would consider Uggla as an option for left field.

Look for the Nationals also to show interest in Uggla.

— Joe Frisaro


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maybin I dont think is ready he never performs well untill the last 10 games of the season uggla is a great homerun guy and infielder but batting average and on base has been shotty i say use maybin and uggla as trading bate I think if we could get the marlins team looking like this baker/paulino C, cantu 1B, coglan 2B, Ramirez SS, if possible Troy glaus 3B, cody ross LF, roco baldeli CF, jeff francouer RF. the marlins have the money to sign badeli and glaus they just dont want to come off I believe they should and use maybin and or uggla as trade bate for francouer and the marlins could really be something next year.

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