Collins to join Marlins staff

The Marlins have yet to make any formal announcement, but their coaching staff is just about set.

The new outfield/first base coach is expected to be Dave Collins, who played from 1975-90.

Florida’s new pitching coach will be Randy St. Claire, formerly with the Nationals. The new infield/third base coach will be Josue Espada, the organizations Minor League infield coordinator. Reid Cornelius is lined up to be the bullpen coach. Cornelius was the pitching coach at Double-A Jacksonville.

Returning to the staff are bench coach Carlos Tosca, hitting coach Jim Presley and bullpen coordinator Pierre Arsenault.

— Joe Frisaro


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Is the signing of Dave Collins to strengthen the Marlins Running Game? I know Hanley’s stolen bases are down because he changed position and for a chunk of the season he was struggling to get on the field, let alone take the extra strain of stealing bases. What I have felt over the last few seasons is we have some players who could be getting 10-15 SBs a season. Maybe Coghlan could be a 20+ base stealer with the right coaching. More pressure from base runners throughout the line up could be one of the ingredients to making the 2010 Marlins a play off team.

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