White Sox claim De Aza

With so many outfield prospects in their system, Alejandro De Aza got caught in a numbers game.

The Marlins didn’t have a priority to retain the 25-year-old, who now will be getting an opportunity to play elsewhere.

The White Sox on Wednesday claimed De Aza off waivers.

At Triple-A New Orleans, De Aza batted .300 with eight home runs and 34 RBIs. He also appeared in 22 games for the Marlins, and he had 20 at-bats, batting .250 with a double and three RBIs.

Injuries hurt De Aza in recent years.

De Aza won the starting center field job in Spring Training of 2007, but early in the season he suffered an ankle injury that limited him to 45 games that year. He missed all of 2008 due to injury.

The Marlins are projecting Cameron Maybin will be their Opening Day center fielder. The team also has Rookie of the Year candidate Chris Coghlan in left field.

The Marlins also have outfield prospects John Raynor, Scott Cousins, Jai Miller and Bryan Petersen, who is in the Arizona Fall League.

Florida’s top prospect is outfielder Michael Stanton, a 19-year-old also getting some extra work this fall in Arizona.

— Joe Frisaro


I must agree with you 100%,The Angels don’t have any chance of coming from behind in this ALCS and will Loose in 5 games to the best team in Baseball.

The Yankees will advance to the World Series to face the Phillies and the Yankees will beat the Phillies in 4 or 5 games.

I am glad the Angels are loosing and I hope to see the faces of all those fans with they get eliminated on Thrusday.

This is finally going to be the year when the Yankees return to glory and win it all.

They are playing the best ball ever and have the best team i have seen in a long time.

yankees139007, you may be right but using two O’s in the word Lose and Losing is wrong. See also, Loser.

Anybody could win with the Yankees’ payroll. There is certainly no glory in buying a World Series. In fact, they should be ashamed if they don’t win. By the way, didn’t the Marlins, with the lowest payroll in baseball, kick Yankee butt two out of three games in 2009?

You bet they did, and the Yankees tried protesting the game, it was beyond pathetic.

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