Marlins-Phillies Game 1 lineup

The Marlins and Phillies are playing a twinbill at Land Shark Stadium on Tuesday. The Game 1 lineups:


1) Rollins, SS

2) Victorino, CF

3) Utley, 2B

4) Howard, 1B

5) Werth, RF

6) Ibanez, LF

7) Cairo, 3B

8) Bako, C

9) Blanton, P


1) Coghlan, LF

2) Johnson, 1B

3) Hanley, SS

4) Cantu, 3B

5) Uggla, 2B

6) Baker, C

7) Ross, CF

8) Carroll, RF

9) Johnson, P

In Game 2, Ronny Paulino is expected to start at catcher with Wes Helms starting at third base, and Jorge Cantu at first base. Nick Johnson and John Baker are not expected to start in the second game. Cameron Maybin should be in center with Brett Carroll coming off the bench.

— Joe Frisaro


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