Marlins-Nationals lineups

The Marlins take on the Nationals on Saturday night in the second of three games at Land Shark Stadium.
Here are the complete lineups
1) Willie Harris, CF
2) Ian Desmond, SS
3) Ryan Zimmerman, 3B
4) Adam Dunn, 1B
5) Josh Willingham, LF
6) Elijah Dukes, RF
7) Josh Bard, C
8) Alberto Gonzalez, 2B
9) Marco Estrada, P
1) Chris Coghlan, LF
2) Nick Johnson, 1B
3) Hanley Ramirez, SS
4) Jorge Cantu, 3B
5) John Baker, C
6) Dan Uggla, 2B
7) Cody Ross, RF
8) Cameron Maybin, CF
9) Anibal Sanchez, P
HP Jim Reynolds
1B Chad Fairchild
2B Bill Welke
3B Tim Welke

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