Coghlan saved by wrist pad

Saved by the wrist pad.

Along with wearing batting gloves, Marlins rookie Chris Coghlan also dons wrist padding when he comes to the plate.

It came in handy on Wednesday night.

In the second inning of the Marlins’ 6-3 win over the Mets, Coghlan was plunk on the left wrist by a Pat Misch fastball. Immediately he fell to the ground in pain, but quickly gathered himself and headed to first base.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez and assistant trainer Mike Kozak tended to the Rookie of the Year candidate, who convinced them he was well enough to continue playing.

“My whole hand went numb,” Coghlan said. “I thought I’d broken it. Then the shock wore off, and it felt fine.”

Coghlan credits the padding on his wrist from saving him from a serious injury.

“It hit on this wrist band, and then it hit on top of my batting glove too,” Coghlan said. “It saved me a bunch.”

What would have happened had Coghlan not had his wrist covered?

“It would have been bad,” he said. “It’s like a wrist brace, to give your wrist support, and not be protective by hit by pitches.”

— Joe Frisaro


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