Marlins pregame squabble

Some tensions brewed in the Marlins clubhouse before Wednesday’s games with the Braves.

All-Star shortstop Hanley Ramirez exchanged harsh words with second baseman Dan Uggla, leading to the team closing the clubhouse to the media.

At issue is Ramirez’s tight left hamstring, which caused him to come out of Tuesday’s game before the fifth inning. Exiting in the middle of a crucial game seemed to draw the ire from his teammates.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Ramirez said: “I think I have to play, you know? I have to. I can’t explain myself right now how I feel, but I have to be in there. I have to. And I feel like I got to do it because you don’t get the same respect from your teammates when you’re not playing. I got people upset when I got out of the game last night. But I try to do the best I can, you know?”

Later during pregame, while Ramirez was talking to another reporter, he and Uggla got into a shouting match about coming out of the game, with Uggla saying: “You have your $70 million, so why don’t we go out and win?”

After that incident, the Marlins closed the clubhouse to the media.

There may have been speculation that Ramirez is just playing for his numbers. But while pointing out that he’s got a guaranteed six-year, $70 million extension that kicked in this season, Ramirez said he has no reason to focus on his numbers.

Ramirez, the National League’s leading hitter, is in the midst of an 0-for-14 slump. He is hitting .355. Initially, he was in the lineup on Wednesday, but was scratched less than two hours before the scheduled first pitch.

— Joe Frisaro, Alden Gonzalez




They played a comment on the rain delay show yesterday from Dan Uggla which possibly could have stirred things up and caused some of this strife. It was about “sense of urgency” and panic in the clubhouse with the position the Marlins are currently in. The broadcasters also said that they figured it would take 90 wins to get the wild card and in order for the Marlins to get there, they would need to go 22-9 (prior to yesterdays game) over their final 31 games to reach that plateau..So perhaps that is a part of this issue between Hanley and Dan.

There clearly is an urgency when you need to make up so much ground with a month to go. But players snipe at each other all the time, but just about all the incidents are away from the media. So the public doesn’t know it goes on. They analogy that team is family was used on the broadcast, and that is true. When you spend so much time together, you are going to have times of conflict. These are highly competitive people. They are counting on each other, because you win as a team. It will blow over. But the bottom line is production. If the team wins, everyone is happy. If it loses, you see tension.

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