Marlins stance on long-term deals

Typically, the Marlins are reluctant to approach pitchers about long-term contracts. But that doesn’t mean the team has a sweeping policy to not lock up a pitcher to a multi-year deal.

Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest was asked on Wednesday about the team’s stance on signing pitchers.

“I think there is a recognition by the organization that pitchers can be risky,” Beinfest said. “Pitchers do get hurt, maybe at a higher rate than position players. But I don’t think that necessarily we’ll rule out a pitcher.”

The Marlnis after the season will have some decisions to make regarding pitchers. Josh Johnson and Ricky Nolasco will be entering their second seasons of arbitration.

Now the team can go year-to-year on each of them through the 2011 seasons.

With Johnson, especially, the Marlins will have to make a tough call. Some insiders believe the team will approach Johnson about a mega-year deal before his price tag gets too costly.

However, the team will make that decision after the season.

With a new stadium set to open in 2012, the Marlins are in a better position to sign players to multi-year deals. Currently, Hanley Ramirez is locked up for six years at $70 million. Wes Helms is the only other current player signed for 2010.

“I don’t think anything has really changed in terms of long term,” Beinfest said, speaking generally. “We’ve always been open. We’ll evaluate it case-by-case. We understand our revenue structure and how it plays out with our payroll. Payroll flexibility is important to us in how we put together rosters, not only for next year, but for future years.

“It’s not something we’ve ever ruled out. We’ll go case-by-case. We’ll look at the player. Where we’re heading with that player. The health of the player. The work habits of the player. All those things are factors we’ll take a look at.”

— Joe Frisaro





I have been writing you on some questions and haven’t got any answers but I really would like an answer on this question please. Brad Penny got released today and he can sign with any team he wants. Do you see the Marlins going and signing him to help our starting rotation because we could def. use him at the back end of our rotation?

Never mind the back end, the middle of our rotation needs a boost.

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