Marlins Tuesday lineup

Chris Coghlan ran his hit streak to nine straight on Monday. Now he goes for 10. Coghlan will lead off against the Astros on Tuesday.

1) Coghlan. LF

2) Johnson, 1B

3) Hanley, SS

4) Cantu, 3B

5) Baker, C

6) Uggla, 2B

7) Ross, CF

8) Hermida, RF

9) Volstad, P

— Joe Frisaro




Maybe Volstad needs to be sent down for a bit to find his groove again. Give Cristhian A. Martinez a few starts.

Hey Joe, question for you? Now that the Marlins are closing in on the division lead and on the wild card do you think the team will get any from waivers? I mean Bill Hall is on waivers he would help the Marlins out big time. Also i heard rumors that the Rays might be looking into trading BJ Upton would the Marlins look at trading for him because he would be an upgrade for this team as well.

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