Billy goat moment


Photo credit to Denis Bancroft/Florida Marlins


Part of Friday’s game was a between innings on-field skit where a mock trivia question prize wa a billy goat, playing off the billy goat curse in Chicago.

— Joe Frisaro


I can see fans doing this, but when a supposedly “professional organization does it.” Apparently they are not appreciative of the fact that the park will actually make money this series because of Cubs fans. Stunts like this prove why the Marlins and their organization will continue to be looked at as a third rate franchise that is unmatured and not deserving of a major league team.

And we won’t even mention the fact they have cheerleader’s. Almost as much of a joke as Jeffrey Luria.

Oh geez, lighten up. It’s just a fun skit for the fans that were there. I can tell you’re alot of fun.

I’m honestly stunned by this. Not by the goat stunt, but by the complete overlysensitive reaction from both the Cubs organization and its fan base. You are one of the worst teams in baseball history as far as achievements go, get over it. ‘Loveable losers’ is a slogan embracing this aspect of the club, so learn to embrace the humor behind the fact you cannot win it all. Don’t start calling cheap shots at the Marlins organization because we do things our own way, and sucessfully so. If you’re so superior, why are we this close in the standings?

cheers.. here’s to another 100 years of futility.

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