Weighing trade options

At the trade deadline last year, the Marlins courted Manny Ramirez and ended up acquiring lefty reliever Arthur Rhodes.

The front office continues to engage in conversations in hopes of upgrading for the final two months.

Padres closer Heath Bell, accordingly to a few reports, may be the most realistic option. The Marlins may be able to secure a deal for Bell if they are willing to part with 23-year-old lefty Sean West or lefty Andrew Miller.

If or when a trade is made, the Marlins players are prepared to push forward with what they have.

“They have our best interest in mind,” center fielder Cody Ross said. “They want to win this year, and they know that we want to. I think they’re trying everything they possibly can.

“I’ve got to give them a lot of credit. They’re at it constantly. This past week isn’t the first time they’ve been talking about trades. I’m sure they’ve been trying for a while. They’ve been trying to make our club better. It’s not just the deadline.”

Ross joked that if he were a general manager that he’d made big pushes for the best players on the market. He said he’d want Roy Halladay and Matt Holliday.

“That’s why I’m not a GM,” Ross said. “I’d put all my eggs in one basket, and then I’d be fired the next year. That’s why these guys are so good at what they do. You can’t second guess what they do. They’re professional.”

Still, if a trade is made, the impact could be huge in the clubhouse. Ross recalls what Rhodes meant in the final two months to the bullpen.

“Last year when we got Arthur, it was huge,” Ross said. “He was incredible. He did more than you can ask for. It wasn’t enough to get to the playoffs. But he did his part. As a team, we just didn’t get in. Any time you get a player like him, or anybody like that, it’s a positive.”

— Joe Frisaro

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