Marlins 'want to add'

Phone calls are being made, and the Marlins certainly are looking to improve themselves before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

For now, whether anything gets done is a wait-and-see proposal.

“We don’t want to take away, we’d like to add,” Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest said.

The Marlins feel they are very much in the National League East race, and specifically, they’d like to add relief help. If a closer could be obtained, they’d be interested.

“We’d like to improve just like all the other teams looking to improve,” Beinfest said. “We recognize, we’re heading into the All-Star Break, and we’re in the race for the division. So you want to see what’s out there to improve yourself the best you can.

“There are so many teams in it, that it’s tough to make trades. They don’t want to take from their team. They want to add to it. In terms of your prospects, you have a threshold on what to give and not to give.”

Closer Matt Lindstrom is on the disabled list with a right elbow sprain. Beinfest is not optimistic that the right-hander will be back by the July 31 trade deadline.

“We’ll make due with what we have,” Beinfest said of the bullpen. “Those are good arms, and by and large, they’ve done a good job. We’d like to get Matt back. We hope he’s on the mound here in the next week or so, and start that progression.”

With Lindstrom, Beinfest added: “I don’t know. We’ll see the progression. We’ll have him on the mound, and we’ll have a better idea. You can deal with what if? But we’ll look at everything, and move on, and hope that he comes back.”

Recently, the Marlins signed veteran right-hander Luis Ayala to a Minor League contract. Ayala could help the team after the Break, after he gets some work in the Minor Leagues.

In terms of possible trades, Beinfest said the landscape changes daily.

“We’ll see what happens. It changes from day to day,” he said. “An injury today, or something happens. Or you have a bad week. You’re in. You’re out. It always gets dicey when you get to the end of the month.”

— Joe Frisaro






You mean that Beinfest will “make DO” with his bullpen.

yea right. the marlins making a move to improve the team? not going to happen.

I am a passionate Marlins fan, in large part because of all the young talent they continue to churn out year after year. However, situations like this are why it is so inherently frustrating to route for this team.
Once again, the Marlins are in contention, seemingly one impact player away from the playoffs, but refuse to “add” anything but role players from baseball’s scrap heap because of payrole concerns.
The Phillies, with a now-healthy Raul Ibanez, have started winning at home and seem poised to go on a run. That, coupled with the fact that Philly is among the leaders in the Roy Halladay sweepstakes, spells doom for the Marlins’ chances this year.
Why can’t the Marlins land the big fish (no pun intended) at the trade deadline for once? In addition to keeping him away from the Phillies, signing Halladay would give the Marlins the best starting staff in baseball and would make the top of their rotation a nightmare for opposing teams come playoff time. Let’s face it, while Volstad and Nolasco both possess great stuff, neither of them pitch with the consistency required of a team vying for the playoffs. On the other hand, Halladay brings his “A” game nearly every time out on the mound. Also, while Lindstrom’s injury clearly hurts the bullpen, the impact of short starts by youngsters like Sean West and the talented but often erratic Andrew Miller only exacerbate the effects of the heavy workload placed on the bullpen. Halladay goes 7+ innings with ease, which would afford the bullpen more rest and likely result in better performances from Marlin relievers.
With the likes of Cameron Maybin, Sean West and Gaby Sanchez toiling away in the minors, I believe the Marlins have the kind of talent required to get Halladay. No one wants to mortgage the future but, given that whichever team signs Halladay has him for the remainder of this year AND next year, I say trade the kids and let’s try to win the whole thing in 2009 and 2010. Have another “firesale” after the 2010 season to replenish the farm system. I have endured two roster purges already and I honestly would not mind another — assuming it is preceeded by another Marlins playoff appearance.
Finally, I know that a trade for Roy Halladay will probably never happen. The Marlins have been and will always be about their young talent. As I mentioned earlier, it is part of their charm, but just once in a while, when the right kind of player comes along, I would love to see management throw their bottom-line-first mentality out the window and give our team the player it needs to put us over the top.
I cannot disagree that it is truly amazing how Larry Beinfest always finds a way to field a competative team given the Marlins’ budgetary constraints. In fact, in most years being competitive is more than I could ever ask for, but right now, in a mediocre NL East, the Marlins are one player away from contending, not just for the division, but the World Series. Roy Halladay is that one player and Mr. Beinfest needs to go get him.

I meant to say “payroll”…and “preceded” and “competitive” …they need spell check on this site… and I need to proofread these things BEFORE I post them…lol

Trade Uggla to Boston for Buchholtz

If Beinfest is not going to upgrade the team,hang up the spikes now. They are 7 games back after today. Pitching is falling a part and the offense is struggling. Changes need to be made NOW.

You need to spend money to make money!!!!

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