Carpooling to park

The past couple of days, Matt Lindstrom has been taking Scott Olsen to the ballpark.

The reason is simple. Lindstrom, the Marlins closer who is on the disabled list, is living in the condo owned by Olsen in Aventura.

The Marlins traded Olsen, along with Josh Willingham, to the Nationals in the offseason for Emilio Bonifacio.

Olsen is keeping his South Florida place, and he worked out an arrangement for Lindstrom to live there during the season.

The two had a mixup on Monday in getting tot he ballpark. Lindstrom was supposed to take Olsen to the stadium. But because Lindstrom is on the disabled list, he went to the park early for treatment.

Olsen, who didn’t rent a car during the series, was unaware that Lindstrom was already at the stadium. He was starting that night for the Nationals. He called Lindstrom and said, “Dude, where are you?”

“I’m on a rehab schedule,” Lindstrom said. “My schedule is different than his.”

Olsen ended up calling Ricky Nolasco, who ironically was pitching against him for Florida. Nolasco lives close by, so he drove Olsen to the stadium. Olsen and Nolasco are very close friends, and they rode together for a game where they faced each other.

Lindstrom did take Olsen home after Monday’s game.

— Joe Frisaro


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