Volstad all evened out

Talk about seeing double.

Entering Sunday afternoon’s game against the Yankees, Marlins right-hander Chris Volstad was virtually identical in his performances at home and on the road. Not that all the numbers were pretty, but they were strangely coincidental.

Place Volstad’s home/road splits side by side and this is what you saw:

* Home ERA: 4.75; Road ERA: 4.75.

* Home Innings pitched: 41 2/3: Road IP: 41 2/3.

* Home earned runs: 22; Road ER: 22.

* Home home runs allowed: 7; Road HR: 7.

* Home WHIP: 1.30; Road WHIP: 1.30.

Not everything was perfectly lined up, as Volstad had a 2-4 record at home, compared to 2-3 on the road.

Taking the mound on Sunday, something had to give, and it did. Volstad tossed six innings, allowing three runs and collecting the win.

So now, his home ERA is 4.72, while his innings pitched are 47 2/3, earned runs are 25, and WHIP (walks-hits per innings pitched) is 1.26.

At 6-foot-7, Volstad is a sinkerball pitcher, who tries to use his leverage to throw downhill. When he’s at his best, he’s getting a lot of ground balls.

“I’m getting back to that two-seamer, I was throwing it a lot,” Volstad said of his sinker. “If I can get back to that two-seam, they should just roll over it. I got plenty of ground balls off that.”

— Joe Frisaro



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