Marlins-Yanks TV numbers

Big crowds were on hand when the Marlins played host to the Yankees this weekend at Land Shark Stadium. The series also attracted a large television audience in South Florida.

The three-game set, televised on FOX Sports Florida and Sun Sports, drew a 5.2 overall Nielsen TV household ratings number, the highest of any Marlins three-game series since July of 2008.

Father’s Day on Sunday brought in the biggest numbers — a 6.2 average TV household rating (95,289 households) in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market. More viewers on average watched the Marlins game on Sunday than they did the second highest rated show of the day in the market — CBS’ “60 Minutes,” which posted a 4.4.

As the drama of the Marlins game built in the later innings, the TV numbers also grew. From 8-8:15 p.m. ET, the game had a ******** 8.8 average — more than 135,000 TV homes.

Saturday’s game also was widely watched. it produced a 5.6 average (87,245 households), and was the most watched cable program of the day. Friday night’s numbers were 3.8 (59,246).

— Joe Frisaro


Hey Joe,

Just a quick suggestion – since the Marlins get more attendance at home when they play high profile teams, why doesn’t MLB have the Yankees/Red Sox, etc. come down every year, as apposed to once and a while? Maybe it will help the Fish in the long term too — especially when we get the new stadium in 2012.

As a fan that does not live in the state of Florida I am happy that a new stadium is being built. I am concerned that commemts that a new dome stadium will help draw fans due to protection from the weather, if that is the case there should be better attendance at all games and not just when the Yankees are in town. Last year when the team was winning attendance was poor. I hope I am wrong but I can not see the new stadium increasing attendance.

The baseball fever has to catch on in this town. Most ignorant people think the Marlins are not a “good team” because they don’t lead their division for most of the year. I want to believe that ‘if we build it, they will come’; so I’m doing my part by telling everyone that doesn’t like baseball that the Marlins truly are a great team this year.

The team is 1 game out of first place and STILL can’t draw more than 13,000 a game unless the Yankees come to town. How sad is that.

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