Ross hoped for a review

Should it have been reviewed?

In the eyes of the umpires, no. Still, Cody Ross was hoping for a second look.

In the third inning on Saturday, Ross hit a drive to deep right center field. It hit high on the padded wall, pretty much on top of it, and bounced back into the field of play. Ross cruised into second for a double.

Was it a homer?

Replays showed the correct call was made. That’s the way second base umpire Dan Iassogna also so it.

While replay can be used on disputed home runs. It’s up to the umpires to make that call. Teams can’t request it.

“I was hoping they’d review it,” Ross said, who noted after the game the umpires got it right. “They’re not usually going to look at it to look at it. The other manager isn’t going to come out and say, ‘Hey, can you guys check and see if that was a homer?’ “

Even the pitchers in the Marlins bullpen, stationed nearby said the ball wasn’t a homer.

Did Ross think it was out?

“When I first hit it I did,” he said. “I knew it wasn’t when it bounced back. Aaron Hill [Blue Jays second baseman] said to me at second, ‘I’ve never seen that happen before.’ It hit the top of the wall and bounces back. The bullpen guys were telling me, there is a little pad, and then there is like a little iron piece behind it. It hit the iron piece and bounced back.

“The pad is covering the wall. It hit the edge of it, and bounced straight up, I guess.”

Ross, however, can take comfort in the fact that he did hit a two-run homer on Saturday. It came in the fourth inning.

— Joe Frisaro

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