Nolasco's emotional outburst

On the mound, Ricky Nolasco is known as a fierce competitor who shows a lot of composure.

That’s why it was out of character to see the Marlins’ 26-year-old right-hander show frustration on Friday night in the sixth inning when he blurted out his objection to a borderline pitch that was ruled a ball. Home plate umpire Mike Winters gave a glare at Nolasco, but he didn’t take any further action.

Pitching coach Mark Wiley trotted to the mound, as did catcher John Baker and shortstop Hanley Ramirez. Nolasco regained his form, and got through the inning. In six innings, Nolasco recorded nine strikeouts and he walked one. He gave up just two runs and wasn’t involved in the decision.

The Marlins won 7-3 and Nolasco after the game said he planned on apologizing to Winters.

“Of course, he’s not going to be happy about it, and I’m going to apologize to him about that,” Nolasco said. “And say it was just a mistake I made in being competitive. You have to compete.”

Overall, Nolasco had an encouraging outing. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, emotions get in the way.

“That was a big mistake by me to do something like that,” Nolasco said. “But I think when you have that competitive nature, you have to compete. Sometimes you make some mistakes, and I definitely made a mistake right there in showing him up. I thought I was making some good pitches that I wasn’t getting. It kind of takes it toll on you. It did in a big situation. That was just a mistake by me. That’s something I have to learn from and not let it happen again.”

Nolasco says he has never screamed like that on the mound.

“I’ve never done that before,” he said. “It was just kind of building up when I wasn’t getting pitches before. It’s still not acceptable.”

— Joe Frisaro


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With as much respect as I can muster (and I DO respect the difficulty of umpires’ jobs), Mike Winters called a TERRIBLE game. Rickey threw one mistake pitch right, smack, down the middle, and Winters called it a ball. It literally hit the bullseye in the strike zone.

Winters was all over the place, calling strikes balls and vice-versa. He did an awful, bush-league job and MLB should take a good look at the tapes of that game.

I frankly don’t know how pitchers on both sides held their composure as long as they did.

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