Lindstrom fan of Lidstrom

The spelling isn’t exactly the same, but the last names are one letter away from being identical.

Marlins closer Matt Lindstrom is a fan of Detroit Red Wings standout defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom.

Lindstrom actually hears some heckling from baseball fans who make the hockey comparison. The Red Wings lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals to the Pittsburgh Penguins. When Lindstrom was warming up in the bullpen on Friday at Toronto’s Rogers Centre, some fans screamed at him: “The third period is starting, you’d better get down to Detroit!”

Lindstrom says that’s not the first time fans at a baseball game have made the hockey connection.

“I got some of that in Philadelphia, too,” he said. “They’d say, ‘Don’t you play hockey?”

Lindstrom said he would love to meet Lidstrom. And he’d like to have a Nicklas Lidstrom No. 5 Red Wings jersey. He’d be willing to exchange his No. 22 Marlins jersey.

“That would be sweet,” Lindstrom said.  

Lidstrom the hockey player is from Sweden. A few years back, Lindstrom went on a two-year Mormon mission to Sweden and visited his grandfather’s birthplace.

Fun name fact. The literal translation of Lindstrom’s last name is: “Tree by the stream.”

The Marlins reliever is a hockey fan, and his favorite team is Ottawa. When he pitched in the Minor Leagues at Binghamton, N.Y., in 2005, he would see some Senators games.

— Joe Frisaro


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