Cantu's bouts with dizziness

Marlins first baseman Jorge Cantu, who has been dealing with bouts of dizziness the past few weeks, was replaced in the seventh inning of Wednesday’s 13-4 loss to the Cardinals at Land Shark Stadium.

Cantu, who bats cleanup, was 2-for-3 with an RBI off Cardinals right-hander Adam Wainright before being replaced by Ross Gload.

The past few days Cantu has experienced dizziness. He’s been taking medicine to deal with a cholesterol condition.

“It’s just dizziness. It’s from the medication that I stopped taking two nights ago for the cholesterol,” Cantu said. “I experienced those symptoms before in the past and it’s just a bad idea to take it during the season obviously.”

In the bottom of the sixth inning, the Marlins had bases loaded and two outs with Hanley Ramirez at the plate. Gload came out to pinch-hit, but the inning ended when Ramirez struck out.

Cantu is batting .280 with nine home runs and a team high 43 RBIs.

“Hopefully in a week or so it’s going to clear out,” Cantu said. “That’s how it’s cleared up in the past too. It’s just very, very dizzy out there. I could hurt myself and hurt my team and I don’t want to do that. I had to say something.”

Cantu’s status is day-to-day. So it is unclear if he will be in the lineup on Thursday afternoon in the series finale with St. Louis.

“It started around three weeks ago,” Cantu said. “I feel no energy sometimes, aching and soreness in my shoulders and thighs. It’s just side effects of the medication. There’s nothing I can do about it.

“It helped me keep my cholesterol down. That’s the only good news. Hopefully it goes away soon. I have tried different medications and obviously it’s not healthy during the season. We have a plan already to do it after the season.”

— Joe Frisaro

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What’s going on here? High cholesterol isn’t a medical condition in itself. If you are healthy and cholesterol is higher than average you just adjust your diet to reduce eggs, hard cheese, butter, red meat, fried foods, saturated fats etc, and increase fish, chicken, and monounsaturated fats. But then trainers and dieticians would have already been telling him this.

So he could be one of those people who mistakenly and dangerously believe they can do what they like and take a pill to put it right. He might have a doctor who is fixated by numbers, and eroneously prescribes medication. Or he might have a vascular condition which could be made worse by a high cholesterol count.

So the message is either “pull yourelf together man!!!” Or “Stop being so fussy” Or “Take care of yourself fellah”

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