Homecoming of sorts for Meyer

Marlins lefty reliever Dan Meyer, who attended Kingsway Regional High School in South Jersey, remains a die-hard Eagles fan.

As a kid, he attended about five to 10 Phillies games a year at Veterans Stadium.

On Monday, Meyer left about 15 tickets for friends and family members. Additionally, a number of other friends were on hand. It was to the point where Meyer alerted his teammates in the bullpen to brace for some heckling when they were warming up.

Through his experiences at Philadelphia sporting events, Meyer has learned to expect anything.

“I remember when they booed Santa Claus,” Meyer said. “I was 8 and I was watching it on TV.”

Meyer once had a moment when he was younger where he shouted some things he wishes he hadn’t at Randy Johnson. At The Vet, Johnson was warming up and Meyer was seeking an autograph.

“It’s kind of an embarrassing story,” Meyer said. “I was a 9-year-old kid, and I wanted a baseball. I wanted him to sign it for me, and he was doing his work. Now, I can understand. But at time, he was trying to run and stuff, and I went from being the nice kid to yelling at him.”

— Joe Frisaro


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