Marlins lineup vs. Rays

The Marlins will try to even the series on Saturday against the Rays with this lineup:

1) Bonifacio, 3B

2) Hermida, RF

3) Hanley, SS

4) Cantu, 1B

5) Uggla, 2B

6) Ross, CF

7) Paulino, C

8) Coghlan, LF

9) West, P

— Joe Frisaro


Don’t mind the lineup at all — But why continue to have Coghlan out in LF if he is struggling. Can’t Gload also play one of the OF positions? Nice to have the bat of Coghlan in the line up — Would not mind him in the INF where he belongs but he has proven to be a liability out in LF.

THANK YOU! Why keep Coghlan in the majors and not De Aza? At least he’s a natural CF, which Cody is not, and Cody can go back to RF. De Aza has experience, and proven himself time and again that he’s major league ready. Coghlan needs to go practice with Maybin a little longer.

Coghlan needs to go down. Both Maybin and De Aza need to be up here and platoon with Cody at CF if need be. Amezaga is not a CF and he will be out longer than that which is a very good thing in a sense because he would probably be put out there by Fredi if he was healthy and we all know Amezaga is not as super as made out to be and he is not an CF. Seems like we are going to lose this game even with Fredi not around but I kinda figured we would because Tosca is a mini-fredi because they are a lot alike he has approached this game a lot like Fredi would even though that has not proven to work… Tosca is as big a bum

What is wrong with these marlins???!!! They can’t get a win at all. The bullpen is very extremely terrible. Lindstrom cannot even get one inning of relief without allowing a single run. Leo nunez is performing terribly. The marlins always start winning in the beginning and then the bullpen messes it up for them. Freddy Gonzalez should be paying more attention to the bullpen than eating seeds in the dugout. If they keep this up, they’re never gonna win a game. They also have to take Bonifacio out of the lead spot. He is a very terrible leadoff batter. He is very good defensively but unfortunately we also need offense to win. I am a very big marlins fan but I have to accept to fact that they are just a terrible ballclub now and they need to make a great improvement. The only player in the marlins who is playing very well is josh johnson, both defensively and offensively. Josh johnson bats better that Bonifacio, way better. They need to improve just about everything if they wanna get to the playoffs.

The front office needs to suck it up and sign Pedro. The entire pictching staff would benifit from it, and he might even put a few more fans in the seats

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