Amezaga still resting

Alfredo Amezaga, on the disabled list with a left knee contusion, still has not doing any baseball-related activities.

Amezaga said on Saturday that the knee still pinches from time-to-time. An MRI revealed a bone bruise, something the versatile utility player has never dealt with.

The Marlins placed Amezaga on the DL on May 21, retro to May 17. For now, he is doing extensive icing of the knee, and he’s riding the stationary bike.

— Joe Frisaro

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This team sucks and it is going to be very embarassing to finish the season behind the Nationals…..and yes that is where they will finish…watching some of the game yesterday you could see the players quitting on the field, and quitting on the team…..I would say they need to make a big change (been saying it for a while now) but at this point I don’t think it makes a difference….the players have checked out and just don’t care anymore, this season is totally lost way to go Marlins….

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