Marlins option Nolasco

Ricky Nolasco, Florida’s Opening Day starter and a 15-game winner last year, was optioned to Triple-A New Orleans after Friday night’s 15-2 loss to the Rays.

Nolasco worked two innings and gave up eight runs to Tampa Bay, as his record fell to 2-5 and his ERA rose to 9.07.

The Marlins on Saturday will select the contract of left-hander Sean West from Double-A Jacksonville. West will make his Major League debut and face the Rays in the second game of the series.

In other moves, lefty reliever Dave Davidson was designated for assignment, and right-hander Chris Leroux was recalled from Double-A.

— Joe Frisaro


I really hope that Nolasco finds his groove down at N.O. It’s a shame that the team is struggling so much and I feel bad for Fredi because it is looking more and more like he is going to be out of a job soon. At least he can say he has tried just about everything — I mean look at how many players have been brought up and sent down, as he is just looking for a spark to ignite his team. But I doubt that Nolasco is the real problem. I also think Penn and Pinto should be sent down – Penn, well simply he has not pitched well at all; and Pinto – how many games did he blow this week – like 2 or 3. Come on guys, step it up and get it done for your team and manager! Geez, it has been a tough week; hopefully West and Leroux can help us out some. As the saying goes, tomorrow is another day/game! GO MARLINS!

Can we option Fredi and Tosca to the minors for the rest of the season until we find their replacements?

I honestly felt bad for him after the first few hitters.
The guy is one of my fantasy players and he is throwing some great stuff, but it is not at the velocity of 2008, and he is getting hammered.
Hopefully it is something minor that is either signalling his pitch, or a small mechanical correction.
I saw they also DFA’d the guy who came in to relieve him last night too.
Bad night in Landshark Stadium for anyone in teal. But tonight’s game should be better if the rain doesn’t interfer with us.
Let’s hope for a competitive game tonight, both close and clean.

Rays Renegade

It’s time to fire Fredi, demote Bonifraudio to AAA along with Ricky, and Cameron Maybe.

Then move Coghlan to 3rd, and far far away from LF where he is terrible.

Stop experimenting with this kid your going to ruin him! Not everyone is Cabrera! Not everyone can be switched to any position, and look good out there like he did in 2003.

Cabrera was special, and if you wanted him so badly why you trade him for the garbage you traded him for?

That trade looks worse by the day! Now even D-Train is getting things together in Detroit while we can’t get any of these so called prospects to live up to their hype.

We got sold a bag of garbage for a future hall of famer, and the one time ACE of our rotation.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter these crackheads who run the Marlins will soon deal away Cantu, Uggla, and Ramirez.

We will be with Bonifraudio leading off, and hitting 3rd, and clean up by the seasons end.

Since they seem to have a boner for that loser, and won’t demote him even tho he has cost us a ton of games with his bad play.

He has a ton of errors, and hits like crap! I thought we gave up some power for a guy who was a gold glover out there, and would get on base a ton!? But so far he’s given us no reason to merit him being an everyday player.

Lets face it folks going from Cabrera to Cantu to Bonifraudio is well just a terrible move.

Terrible move.

Bonifacio will get it together real soon both defensively and offensively. Certainly prefer him out there instead of El Pedo Alfredo The Unamazing and uselss Amezaga.

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