Marlins make roster moves

Due to the stress put on the bullpen from Wednesday’s doubleheader with the Diamondbacks, the Marlins were forced to make a couple of moves on Thursday to add pitching depth.
To accommodate the extra arms, infielder Alfredo Amezaga was placed on the 15-day disabled list, retro active to Sunday, with a left knee contusion. Actually, Amezaga has a bone bruise, and he will be examined further on Friday by team physician, Dr. Lee Kaplan.
The Marlins also optioned outfielder Alejandro De Aza to Triple-A New Orleans.
The new pitchers are right-handed pitcher Cristhian Martinez, who had his contract selected from Double-A Jacksonville.
The Marlins also recalled lefty reliever Dave Davidson from Triple-A New Orleans.
These moves were made because the Marlins are hoping to stay away from all their relievers on Thursday. The plan is for starter Andrew Miller to go as deep as he can. If Miller has to leave early, Martinez, who is a starter, can pitch in long relief. Davidson will be the short reliever.
The moves leave the Marlins with 14 pitchers and 11 position players. Wes Helms, Ross Gload and Ronny Paulino were the only players on the bench.
On Friday, the Marlins are expected to add another position player — perhaps Brett Carroll.
— Joe Frisaro


Why recall Carroll when De Aza had such a great game? The spirts we have seen him with the club have been great. Why isn’t he getting any respect?

De Aza went 3-6, had 2 RBI, hit a big double in the 12th inning, scored the tying run, hit the ball hard all night, and he was sent down?
De Aza needs a chance to play. He did win the starting CF job the last 2 years. I would rather have kept him on the team and designated Penn for assignment

Hey royalt, I read that De Aza cannot be recalled after he has been optioned, for 10 days. Of course, if there is an injury to the team, then he could be brought-up before then. However, I agree with both of you; De Aza should have stayed and Penn, I think, was more of a choice to be sent down. But again, when the Marlins traded Andino for Penn, it was because Andino was out of options and would have had to clear waivers; I believe they said it was the same situation for Penn. So if we send him down now – he might get claimed, and we lose him for nothing in return. But because of his high ERA (in the 6.00), he would have been the better choice to be sent down. Go FISH!

Joe Frisaro should be sent down along with all the other people who belittle De Aza! I have been promoting him for 2 years as the club shuns him. They did so this spring training. If the kid gets some at-bats he could become an all-star caliber center-fielder. Obviously Frisaro is not a big fan of his, and I’ve noticed that through the years, making it evident that he should be covering little league.

The Marlins should bring him up as the every-day center fielder.

Frisaro, De Aza deserves more than just one sentence!

De Aza could even be given a chance at the top of the lineup to give them the speed they were looking for this year. The Fish should also grab some cheap, unsigned, veteran players to teach the offense how to execute consistently, and any pitcher would be good right now. I’ve never heard a good explanation as to why Arthur Rhodes was let go when he wasn’t asking for much, yet he did a great job for us last year.

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