Familiar lineup vs. Diamondbacks

Not much has changed in a day, except perhaps the weather. The Marlins have the same lineup on Tuesday as they did on Monday, with Josh Johnson, of course, being the only difference.

1) Boni

2) Coghlan

3) Hanley

4) Cantu

5) Baker

6) Uggla

7) Hermida

8) Ross

9) J.J.

— Joe Frisaro


Like it makes a difference, since the 11-1 start the Marlins are the WORST team in baseball…they got rid of Mike Jacobs because he struck out too much (to go along with 32 homers) replaced him with Bonifacio who has great speed, but when he gets on base he does nothing, he does not run at all…I’ve seen at least 3 times where he gets on with no one out and ends up still on first when the inning ends…also he strikes out just as much as Jacobs….you have 3 2nd basemen on the team…and the one who is a terrible defender and strikes out way to much makes 5.3 million and is hitting less than .200….I thought at first this team had good talent and could win….when they started dropping games my first instinct was they need to fire Gonzalez (they still do) but with the overall lack of talent this team has in the outfield (I doubt any of the starting outfielders would start on any other team), the bullpen and the rotation (Nolasco has been awful and Johnson seems to just fall apart one inning per start, Volstad is consistent but gets 0 run support) is equaly terrible…it seems like the management just does not care about winning anymore…they only want to pimp out the new stadium…well no one will show up if the team keeps losing the way it has been….

This is a terribe stretch, but why do so many Marlins fans want to fire Fredi?
Do you all forget he led this team to a winning record last year? It is only May, and the Fish have a 6 game road trip in Philly and NY where they can close ground on the division leaders…and right now they are only 3.5 back.
Is it Fredi’s fault that starters haven’t lived up to their billing so far? Or that Penn is on the team? Or that Taylor and Koronka blew up in his face?

They want to fire Fredi because he team is playing like crap….how many people forget when Torborg was fired in the middle of 2003, McKeon came in and turned around the team, this team has talent, just no mind for the game… The team is underperforming and obviously Fredi is NOT the guy to get the best from this team…case in point…Bonifacio has great speed, yet he gets on base and does not run…why? This team strikes out at a beyond ridiculous pace, never mind the aversion to actually taking pitches…case in point why is Baker swinging at the first pitch of an at bat in the bottow of the 11th when the pitcher has not been throwing strikes? How about Maybin getting thrown out at 3rd on a groundball to short in the middle of a rally? The failure of this team to execute baseball basics is what should cost him his job, because it costs the team games….and if you watch the broadcasts Rich and Tommy and falling all over themselvs to try and make things sound better than they are, when the reality is (and they know it and avoid it) this team does nothing well from a fundemental aspect…this is why they are losing and this is why they need to fire the manager…again I am happy they got the new stadium, however we as fans deserve better than the crappy play we are seeing from this team…we commited to keep the Marlins in south florida by agreeing to use PUBLIC money for the ballpark, now the ownership needs to step up and put a winning team on the field…and shuffling players from AA and AAA is not going to do the trick so long as they fail to execute and no one pays for that failure…you can’t fire the players….so Fredi has to go.

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