Bonifacio to apologize

Given a night to simmer down, Emilio Bonifacio said on Saturday that he plans to apologize to umpire Ed Rapuano.

In the heat of the moment on Friday night, Bonifacio slammed his helmet beyond first base in the ninth inning after Rapuano called him out on a close call.

Leading off the inning, Bonifacio hit the ball hard, and first baseman James Loney made a nice diving stop. Loney flipped to pitcher Jonathan Broxton, who was covering first. TV replays seemed to show Bonifacio’s foot touched the base first, although it was very close.

In disgust, Bonifacio spiked his helmet, drawing an equipment fine.

“I’m going to tell him I’m sorry,” Bonifacio said before Saturday’s game.

After seeing the replay, Bonifacio says he felt he was safe.

The Marlins lost 6-4 on Friday, and had Bonifacio been ruled safe, it may have changed the outcome. Broxton walked Chris Coghlan and Hanley Ramirez, putting the tying runs on base with no outs. Yet, the Dodgers closer was able to seal the victory.

“We had two runners on,” Bonifacio said. “It was frustrating.”

Bonifacio says he has never thrown his helmet like that before.

What disturbed manager Fredi Gonzalez is a fan threw a big cup, filled with a drink, onto the field. The cup landed near first base.

“That, for me, shouldn’t happen,” Gonzalez said. “You have a chance to hurt someone.”

— Joe Frisaro


Is he kidding? He comments about a cup? Someone might get hurt? By a cup? How about commenting on how lousy his team is playing right now. Someone might get hurt? He misses what’s going on in the game but is well aware that a cup could hurt someone. Thank’s Fredi. We’ll look both ways when we cross the street too, o.k.? By the way, the cup-throwing should have come from YOU, not the fan. I’ll be sure to email Lou Pinella and remind him not to throw a base, someone might get hurt. Look no further than Fredi’s comment to see what this team has eveolved into. Sheeesh.

edcharles3b, you just made my day. Ha ha. I love the sarcasm,but seriously on another note the Marlins need to find a spark plug and get it going, this is ridiculous. After an 11-1 start to go 3-11 in the month of May so far is unacceptable. I think Freddy needs to stop worrying about cups thrown at the field, not to mention they are paper cups. Also, Lindstrom needs to figure it out as a closer, if not send him down or promote Calero, or Nunez as the Closer. I am really impressed with Ross Gload and I think he deserves more playing time. What happened to Uggla’s batting average, sheessh I mean a blind man has a better shot of making contact than he is now. I expect the marlins to ship uggla off by the break if they are not in the hunt. Have Gload playing 1st, Cantu,3rd Bonifacio 2nd. Maybin needs to step it up also. No lets get it going Marlins, or I think Mr. Gonzalez my piss Mr. Loria off.

Look, I’m no big fan of Fredi. I’m not really a fan at all but his comment is valid. That ****** threw something onto the field in hopes of hitting the ump. I FELT like killing Rapuano through my TV when he called him out but come on, to ACTUALLY throw something, anything, onto the field of play? That’s stupid and a disgrace to the game, albeit, it was only a cup.

As far as that situation though, what else could he have commented on? Bonifacio was safe….he was called out. What the hell are you going to say at that point?

dou che***

Unfortunately, of the many weaknesses that our young Florida Marlins have, Fredi Gonzalez stands out as the greatest. A soft-shoe manager that reflects his limp and ineffectual attitude on the young aggressive players can only hinder their growth. Great leaders make other leaders and Fredi couldn’t lead a horse to water, let alone a fish to victory! It’s going to be tough to get rid of this wishy-washy front office brown noser, but I propose we walk into the new stadium with a new leader and Fredi can sell his soft-shoes at Payless!

Freddie, a cup! That’s all you got? It is no wonder the Marlins are falling faster than a ton of bricks from a helicopter. This team has bonified talent at first, short, behind the plate and a few pitchers (and we know who they all are). Chris Coghlan does have a future in the BIGS. At lot was given up for Bonifacio and you can see he is trying to make the necessary adjustments. Gload is a big leaguer. Helms better days are far behind him but he does have the experience. Not much left is there? But one thing is for certain…..Emilio Bonifacio ran his but off to reach first even if it meant the possiblity of pulling a hammy, he beat the play and was still called out. And you want to apologize!!!!??? Maybe if that scab umpire would apologize to you for blowing the call, then recipricate. If not, show some toughness, it just might rub off on the rest of the team because it sure as heck not going to come from Freddie!!!! A Cup! Pleeeeezzzzze

Bonifacio is a terrible ball player…

I honestly think people are jumping up and down over the wrong things. We are a young team. We have alot of young players. Players go through slumps as well as teams. You can not expect a team who has the lowest salary in the MLB to even compete daily with teams like the Dodgers etc. We started off 11-1. So Fredi knows what he is doing. The team will get back on track. I do have to say I think Lindstrom needs to be sent back down to the minors because he is not a closer. There is a reason why we are fans and not professional Managers. So leave the managing to the Managers. If anyone is going to say that Fredi is unfit to coach the Marlins its the Owner. Not us.

You’re right, ironman77 it’s just the start of the season for people to start making bad comments on the marlins which happens to have a very young staff and to start with an 11-1 record is very big for the experience of all the marlins’ players. People should also realize that and I also agree that Lindstrom should be sent to the minors because he is not performing as a major league closer. I really do think that the marlins will get back on track, they still have over 100 games to play. Also to comment on the bonifacio play I did actually look at the play very carefully and he was safe and I do think that Bonifacio should apologize for throwing his helmet but I also think Rapuano reviewed the play and he knows that he was safe and he should also issue an apology to Bonifacio, unfortunately you know that umpires won’t apologize when they know that they are wrong. I am young but I also know how this game works and I know that winning comes with teamwork. One thing that Freddy should improve on is that he always leaves a struggling pitcher in the game even after the damage has been done. But the marlins will improve if they play better as a team.

in response to epicswell, it’s definitely the fans’ right to complain when their club is mismanaged. we pay theses peoples’ salaries. their 11-1 start was not a credit to Fredi. the pitching was there, and everyone seemed to be hitting .350. since, Fredi has had more starting lineups than some teams might post in a season. i’m not a cubs fan, and their middle infield is nominal at best, but i guarantee you i can tell you who will be starting and where tomorrow, and probably next sunday. as for the pitching, the coaching has made a complete mess of things. i mean, i understand the nature of late relief in this day and age, but why take the ball from leo nunez when he’s thrown a perfect inning and hand it to lindstrom to blow a save? it seems like every game he makes a call that ends up biting him in the ***. as for the umpire ordeal, it’s not an easy job. they have to make critical decisions under intense scrutiny, and if they screw up, they’re lambasted by the media, their supervisors and the office of the commissioner. they shouldnt be taking it from the players, and they definitely shouldnt have things thrown at them. how would you like it if someone tossed a big gulp at you for missing an answer on a test, or not getting a task in by deadline? it’s unacceptable. that’s what people come to expect in Philly, New York or Boston. i mean, booing is one thing, but keep your 7th beer in the cupholder instead of being completely classless trash…

It doesnt matter about a cup fallling on the field while the Marlins are falling faster

It doesnt matter about a cup fallling on the field while the Marlins are falling faster

It doesnt matter that a cup fell on the field while the marlins are falling faster. They need to trade Dan Uggla for some pitching or hitting because Dan is only batting 1.84

It doesnt matter about a cup fallling on the field while the Marlins are falling faster

I don’t think Bonifacio should apologize. He broke the helmet because the ump was driving everyone nuts. The person that should apologize is the cup-thrower.

First off, Slugger17, learn how to use a computer. And secondly, stop being a complete tool! We need to trade Dan Uggla because he’s hitting .190?!?!?! Are you retarded? Say you want to trade him because he’s a lot on the payroll. Say you want to trade him because Chris Coughlan is a natural 2nd baseman and will take his spot and clear up spending money. But to say that Dan Uggla, and his name is Dan Uggla- a 2 time all-star that has 90+ RBIS/25+ homer seasons the last 3 YEARS- should be traded because he’s been slumping a little for the last 30 GAMES?! You are a true fool.

And as far as Lindstrom goes. He’s a young dude! He has 14 save chances in his MLB career!!! Did you all expect him to be flawless out the gate? Of course not. And for all that praise Leo Nunez, he blew is only save opportunity this year. Closing is a different beast and Lindstrom is our closer and that experience can only be gained in the Bigs. And although he hasn’t been performing that great at all, he’s saved 7 out of 9 games… why don’t you all hold off on the demotion for awhile, ok? Thanks.

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