Marlins shakeup lineup

In an offensive rut, the Marlins have shaken up their lineup a bit for Wednesday night’s game with the Braves.

Speed is at the top of the order, and John Baker was slid to the fifth spot, bumping Dan Uggla down to the sixth hole.

Here’s how the lineup looks:

1. Bonifacio

2. Maybin

3. Hanley

4. Cantu

5. Baker

6. Uggla

7. Hermida

8. Ross

9. Taylor


Hey Joe, it’s sad to see the team has a bunch of their top hitters struggling. I don’t know if Boni and Maybin are going to do any better, since they are struggling too, but I guess Fredi is trying anything to give his club a boost. (And hopefully this will pan out). I read about Scott Proctor, and I had a question about him – since he signed a $750,000 – 1-year contract, if he does not appear for half of the season, does the Marlins get any of their money back? What about for the full season? Not trying to jinx him, I really hope his elbow gets better and he can join the team and perhaps give the bullpen a boost. Also, I read about Coghlan and cannot wait to see him in the big league. Who in baseball do you think Coghlan compares to? Thanks Joe!

Horrible. This has to be the worst one/two hitter combo in the majors. Painful to watch. Automatic two outs at the top of the lineup.

I am not for Maybin hitting second, but perhaps he will get better pitches to hit if he is in front of Hanley. And Baker hitting 5th gives the Fish some offense down in the lineup…so I guess it isn’t that bad after all.

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