Lindstrom not available Saturday

Matt Lindstrom still is the Marlins closer. But not for Saturday night.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez is staying away from using Lindstrom on Saturday because he threw 38 pitches in the ninth inning in Friday’s 7-3 loss to the Phillies.

Lindstrom was tagged for all seven runs in the ninth inning, including a grand slam to Shane Victorino and a solo shot to Chase Utley.

Because of the high pitch count, Lindstrom was given Saturday off. Still, Gonzalez says about Lindstrom, “There’s something special there.”

A closer for the first time, Lindstrom is 3-for-5 this season in save chances, and he’s converted eight of 13 in his career.

The Marlins are being patient with Lindstrom, letting him grow into the role.

“You can’t simulate that seventh inning,” Gonzalez said. “I looked it up. He’s only had 13 opportunities.”

The pressures of the ninth inning just aren’t the same as in the seventh or eighth. Gonzalez notes that starting pitchers feel the same heat while trying to get through the necessary five innings to qualify for a win.

“It’s the ninth inning for the closers and the teams, and it’s the fifth inning for the starters,” Gonzalez said. “How many times do you see the starters go out there, and all a sudden they say, ‘If I get one more hitter, I get the W?’ Then all of a sudden, it’s like base on balls, and 25 pitches later.”

Lindstrom watched some video of his performance on Friday, because he wanted to see the location of his pitches. He admitted to having a rough night of sleep.

“I’ve got to stop getting behind hitters,” Lindstrom said. “I’ve never had an inning like that. Never like that. Not even in the Minor Leagues.

“There were quite a few pitches I’d want back from last night. Pitches I threw with not a lot of conviction, just because my stuff was a little more difficult to harnass last night.”

Lindstrom said his fastball was cutting five or six pitches away from the plate.

“Then I’d have to ease one in there to throw a strike,” Lindstrom said. “That’s not going to cut it, especially when these guys are timing it, timing it and timing it.”

Leo Nunez is the strongest candidate to close, but Gonzalez said he would play matchups.



Fredi Gonzales might be the best manager in the league working with young, short on experience, players but he will never manage a team to or through the playoffs. He
has no killer instinct!! He is too concerned with saving a players ego/confidence than winning a game. I’m all for
experimenting and developing a player but last nights
fiasco with Matt Lindstrom was what?? Does he think
allowing Matt to give up 7 earned runs did anything to
develope his closer abilities?? Was it fair to the rest of
the team who had played one of their best games of this
young season after 3 consecutive losses?? The team had
earned a win only to have their whimsy manager give it
away. It was apparent after Matt walked the first batter
and then hit the second batter he didn’t have his stuff.
Fredi could have saved Matt, the whole team, not to mention the fans, a lot of heartache by changing pitchers
at that point. Even if the Phillies still won Fredi would have
done what all good managers would have done. Not having
the instinct and/or desire to pull the trigger last year cost
the marlins 10 wins!! I believe 10 more wins last year
would have put us in the playoffs. Now it’s year two and
Fredi is on the board with one giveaway.

MATT LINDSTROM IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!! he is not a closer and wont ever be a closer!!! You need to try either Dan Meyer or Kiko Calero they have experience, maybe not as a closer but experience in what to pitch and what not to pitch to batters. They use to be starters just like John Smoltz and Kerry Wood and look how good they are as closers!!!

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