Cantu still day-to-day

An MRI revealed a deep bone bruise on the back of Jorge Cantu’s left hand/wrist. The first baseman had a cortisone injection, and he was again out of the lineup on Friday in the series opener with the Phillies.

Cantu last played on Monday at Pittsburgh, and he said on Friday that he is very hopeful to be back in the lineup on Saturday. Cantu still is feeling the effects of being hit on the back of the hand by a Daniel Cabrera fastball in the third game of the season.

What aggravated the injury was in the field when he had his glove hand jammed by a runner in a game a few days later against the Mets.

Before playing, Cantu said he wants to test the wrist by swinging the bat.

“I’m resting it today,” Cantu said. “I’m not taking batting practice.”

In Pittsburgh, the wrist became so bothersome that he spoke up, and he was sent back to Florida on Wednesday, where he had an MRI.

“I had to say something,” he said. “I can’t cheat the team.”

Cantu has played through pain before. In 2006, when he was with Tampa Bay, he played a few weeks early in the season with a fracture in his left foot.

“Everything seems to happen on the left side,” Cantu said.

Asked why he does’t take it easy, go on the DL retroactive to Tuesday, and let the injury heal itself, Cantu said: “I’m not a big fan of the DL. I want to get this thing right. It’s getting right. I’ll be full go. The way I’m feeling, I don’t think I need the DL, unless I aggravate it more. That’s a different story.”

— Joe Frisaro

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